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Towing Services

We have often been called upon to provide help with our towing services. These calls are mainly because the callers are stranded due to a significant vehicular breakdown. Other times, we have been called in the event of a car crash where recovery of the damaged vehicle is needed.

As a road user, there is always the possibility of breakdowns and car crashes. However, our services aren’t limited to breakdowns and accidents. Sometimes you may need a reliable tow company to transport your vehicles or heavy machinery between locations.

If you ever require towing and recovery services within and outside Saint Joseph, you can’t go wrong with Aftershock Tow Company. We provide different types of towing services.

  • Light and medium duty towing: This service is provided for the towing of small cars and vans, and motorcycles.
  • Heavy duty towing: This service uses large recovery vehicles equipped with hydraulic winches and cables capable of hauling large vehicles, including trucks and tractors.
  • Wheel lift towing: Suitable for towing 2-wheel-drive vehicles only. They will lift the vehicle with a yoke placed under the non-drive wheels. This method lessens the risk of damage to small vehicles during towing.
  • Flatbed towing: We use hydraulic winches to lift vehicles and equipment onto the flatbed tow truck. This is a much safer and more secure way to transport all your equipment.

We are always able to help customers in any situation requiring towing. Our pricing is also fair, and we are available 24/7 to pick up your call.

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